Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Playing #wwyd

playing #wwyd game with @InfinSpirit at Twitter.. it's interesting..^_^ everything is awesome when it comes to INFINITE..kekeke <3 below are our tweets..for those who didn't know what #wwyd is
wwyd stand for - what would you do. one person or moderator will give a situation about something(usually about kpop) and you will reply with action that you will do for the situation.

InfinSpirit : Someone is asking for . Okay let's start!  if U-KISS & INFINITE fights over for you to be their sis?
Me :  i would take out my bias each from ukiss n infinite to be my boyfriend so the others can be my brother..

InfinSpirit : Interesting answers yo! Next!  WooGyu is your parents? LMAO!! >_<

Me :  i'll forever talk about it in my school..
InfinSpirit : You guys are so awesome, the answers make me smile. Kekeke!! Next!  if Hoya buys you your favorite bear? LOLOL!!
Me :  I don't think i need one..because he's my forever favorite bear..kekeke
InfinSpirit :  if you were sitting on the bus and suddenly SungGyu sat beside you?
Me :  pretend that i didn't recognize.few minutes later pretend like i'm sleeping and suddenly put my head on his shoulder..
that's some of it..i just too lazy to post it..kekeke..

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