Saturday, February 13, 2010

application form to apply for BBVIP subbing team

I AM APPLYING TO BE A: Timers or typesetters or both..=)
username; Chae ril
real name; Amirah Diana
previous experience (examples, if applicable);non
why do you want to be part of staff?;because i want to make this forum more lively so that our BigBang will be famous!
can you be active as staff?; Yes, of course!
how many hours can you be online a day?; If i'm free i can online for about more than 6 hours..but if i'm busy i can only online for about 2 hours.
what qualities can you bring to the table as a staff member?;
i can encouraged new club members become more active in this forum.

Chae da apply tok jd BBVIP pnye staff..ats tuh Chae pnye 'resume'..hakakaka...tgh tggu approval dr admin pasta..mntk2nye Chae tepilihla tok jd staff..hehehe..eyh, Yuki and erika xnk join ke jd staff kat BBVIP..hahahaha...

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